to sell or not to sell???

See all of these pictures........ Well, I made them for my home.....
This one out of an old frame, some wallpaper, and some cardboard....

.....YES! Cardboard! That is what you do when you are on a budget! A girl has got to do what a girls got to do! ;)

I do hope to try and work with some cork in this same way soon. We will see how that works out?!?!?!

I did not do a fantastic job cutting the cardboard because that is the way I do things when I get an idea...get excited to see the outcome...and am making it for my own home. (you can see by the crooked tine on the fork.....heehee.)

I also made these out of wallpaper and cardboard, but I did do a little bit better job cutting the cardboard this time.
Meet Bruce. I don't think I have introduced him here yet. This is good ol' Brucey.I got this old window from a friend...painted it and got the idea to put a map behind it. I LOVE maps. I had looked at a few stores and couldn't find one, then happened upon this map a few days later up in a cupboard. This is a map my husband and I used while we were searching for our home. You can kind of see little teeny tiny Xs that we had drawn on there to map at all the houses we were going to look at. The little heart is over the house we bought. Awe. I painted the word faith to remind us to have faith through out the journey that Lord is going to take us on and that we are going to end up exactly where we are supposed to. I had a couple of old doors to a cabinet my husband made that I had saved so I cut some of our old fence boards to fit and VOILA.
Now back to the question... TO SELL OR NOT TO SELL?!?!??!

I think I could spend a lot more time making things for my home...but I really have a yearning to sell my "creations" whatever they might be. Would you buy stuff like this???

or THIS ?? .......or THIS ??

That is my question!!

**side note** I had to take all of my pictures of of my wall because the lighting in my house is terrible...which equals horrible pictures and glare. I took them outside one at a time IN THE RAIN!! And then for some reason chose to stand in a spot that was right under where all the water drips off of the roof. (I suffer for my art..hehehe)


  1. YES!!!! I LOVE your creations!!!!

  2. I love love love your map picture! Really really lovely!

    P.S. I miss you friend!

  3. OMG - I LOVE them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL - esp the windows with the map!

  4. Really, really cute & creative...they are so sellable! I'd love them at our show;)!

  5. I love your cabinet door signs and the big plush "blocks" Personally, I wouldn't buy the cardboard signs, but I actually do like the crooked fork tines :)

  6. I love all your stuff! I would especially buy some hair flair....hint, hint! ;)

  7. Yes! You are so creative, all your stuff is cute! And I agree with Jenessa ~ I would for sure buy some hair accessories!! ♥