♥ Orange you glad...♥

So...things went a little different in the bedroom than I had planned...
with the decor...that is.
We don't spend a whole lot of money on home decor items or things for the home (unless we are renovating), which I have come to find as a blessing in disguise becuase this means that I have to get creative and pull together things that we do have....maybe even altering them a bit to fit what I am going for. And since we recently put our house on the market I have had to put those "skills" to use and do a little de-cluttering and a teeny bit of "staging".

As you can see in my now orange bedroom...... This is where de-cluttering and getting creative with what I have around the house meet.

I don't know if you can see....but on the far right wall above there is a cd "rack" hanging. You can't see the whole thing but it spans pretty far on the wall. Well...prior to our de-cluttering there was another one hanging that went across the wall above the bed. My husband has an enormous cd collection and there is always an issue on where to put them ALL. With a small home there are not a lot of options so the bedroom was the solution. Since the bedroom only has two walls to hang things on......we had ourselves a cd headboard. (lovely and romantic) That is until we had to "stage" and my husband was ever so gracious to take down ONE of the racks.
The orange started to take place when I noticed that the only picture hanging in the room had orange in it and so did an old painting that I had done which was just lying around in the basement. (my husband made the frame for it, isn't it lovely?) I had also bought my son a BRIGHT orange microfiber sheet set that seem to catch every little fuzz and since he has allergies they had to find a new home in our room.....and that is how the orange room began. The fabric on the stool that matches one of the pillows on my bed is from an old skirt/vest combo I picked up at a church clothing giveaway. I picked it up because I loved the fabric...and what do you know....it has orange in it. The stool was gifted to me from a friend. (it's not finished.)
I made these two little pillows a while back from fabric I picked up at a thrift store and screen printed on them. They are still not finished but they do hang out on our bed until I get around to them (I am horrible with finishing work). I would love to start making these pillows with couples actual hand writing....wouldn't that be cute? (don't you go stealing my idea now!)
My husband made me the sturdy little night stand out of old flooring our neighbor gave us and I just felt like it needed a little something to go with the room.....so I threw some stenciled letters on it. Stencil a word on something and it adds a whole new dimension. At least that is how I feel. If it were up to me everything in my house would have some sort of lettering, label, or decal on it.

Orange isn't for everyone. Heck, I wasn't even plannin' on going orange...but it works and I like it. FOR NOW!!!!
I know it's not FaNtAsTiC...but you should have seen it before (remember the cd headboard?!?)


  1. I happen to love orange this spring...and gray! Those pillows are so awesome!! And i love, love the plaid bench!!
    Great post!

  2. Love it! You have a great eye for creativity! ♥

  3. I totally DIG orange! It was one of my wedding colors. :)

    Love it!

  4. I tried posting yesterday...but for some reason it wouldn't work.

    I just love orange! Especially after what seemed like a long and dreary winter...any bright and bold color is sure to lift my mood and make me smile:)

    And I LOVE the pillows! I think you should make more and sell them!! I bet they would go fast!