31 before 32

Here is my list of 31 things to do before I am 32...


I got the idea here on THIS blog! The only problem is that I only have until Ausust so I better get started.

1. Drink more water (kind of boring, but needs to be done.)
2. Create a monthly calender of things to do with my children....include at least 1 craft a week.
3. Learn to can, preserve, and freeze. (bought
THIS book....excited to use it)
4. Take the kids fishing and camping.
5. Try container gardening (I thought this would be good since we might be moving)
6. Participate in the
Bountiful-Basket Co-op.
7. Try to make my own food dehydrator. (Saw it in a book and just want to try it)
8. Continue to learn about all the animals that I want to raise on the land we will one day have. ;)
9. Be outside more (go to park, on picnics, walks, etc.......with the family)
10. Turn TV off more....and turn radio on....or just be in the QUIET
11. Play more cards and board games with my man....and the kids.
12. Go on more dates with my man (find a babysitter close to home.)
13. Restore an old quilt that was handed down (I want to make one from scratch...eventually)
14. Make more things to sell. (I have a list)
15. Exercise more and eat healthier (this one is big...I still have to figure this one out...TBD)
16. Make more breads and muffins (need good recipes....have any??)
17. Go to more garage sales and thrift stores for home essentials (especially kitchen items)
18. Write more handwritten notes and thank you cards...... (write my MawMaw!!!)
19. Get the kids and myself dressed..... even if we are staying in (at least 6 days a week)
20. Read to the kids more (start Little House on the Prairie series)
21. Plan more things to do as a family.
22. Train Bruce to sit, stay, and lay.
23. Be more hospitable (have someone over at least once a month)
24. Read at least one book a month.
25. Pray more (read a book on prayer)
26. Memorize more scripture
27. Knit a kerchief or my man a hat.
28. Take a sewing class.
29. Recycle and be more consistent with composting.
30. Make lip balm, lotion, candles, OR more soap (and other household products)
31. Open an Etsy shop (4 months should be enought time .......RIGHT?!?!?)

I know...I know! I might be stretching it a bit with a 4 month deadline and I will probably have to transfer some of these goals to my 32 before 33 list, but this is something to shoot for.....something to go to if I feel like I need to accomplish something......a good list of goals.

I will try my best to get these things accomplished....IT IS possible. Since I felt like I have waisted so much time waiting around for something to happen....I will waste no more.

via qacreate <---- I ♥ this shop

Like I said before.....it's on!!


I was recently doing a bible study and read somehting in the commentary that struck a cord with me and has resonated in my mind. It was further defining the words "labor" and "striving".

(Colossians 1:29) I....Labor, striving acccording to His working

It reads: "Labor" refers to working to the point of exhaustion. The Gr. word for "striving" gives us the Eng. word "agonize" and refers to the effort required to compete in an athletic event. At the same time, he knew the effective "striving" or work, with spiritual and eternal results was being done by God through him.

I thought this spoke volumes on just how hard I really am to labor at what I do. I definitely don't push myself as hard as I should. I will be going back to this for sure, always keeping these key points in the back of mind.....pushing me just a little bit harder.


  1. I love your list. I started doing bountiful baskets and love it- it will automatically help with #15! I love your orange bedroom. And yes- all those things are definitely sellable!

  2. That's a great list. If I were to have a list, it would be pretty similar-we could do some of those things together! For example...3, 4, 5, 6,
    14, 15, and for sure 17!! I could help you out with 18, 23-I'm always available...hint, hint;)

    I hope to see you tonight!

  3. I love how #16 follows right after #15 ~ exercise then food! ♥

  4. Love that you have a list! If you lived in CC, I'd teach you a sewing thing or two. :)

    AND Yes, open that Etsy shop! It took me 2 years to do it. Wish I'd done it sooner.


  5. Ha ha Tammy....you are right! I did say I still had to figure that one out.... I will just have to make them "healthy" muffins...right?