Band of the week #2

I must be in some sort of mood this month because I have really been into a more low key melodic sound.  The band I chose this week is Bon Iver........ I love them!!  I have included a play list at the bottom of this post because videos for their music are hard to come by or non-existent. The videos that I did find are live recordings...while they are still very good, they do not have the same sound quality. So I would suggest taking the time to listen to AT LEAST the first song on the play list below because it is OH-SO-VERY-GOOD!! I could listen to it over...and over....and OVER!!!  Then when you are done listening to that check out his live studio version on the sidebar ----------> Sooooo beautiful!!
  I also included a couple songs from the band Tennis that my husband recently discovered. I love that he loves music as much as he does because I just have to sit back and enjoy his stash or the new gems that he comes across.  My music life is now lived vicariously thru him.  It's nice.

 I couldn't really find any videos for them either.  They have a nice 50's, beach, lounge sound to them....which is kind of fun for spring.


If you like Bon Iver check this out


  1. Well, goodness! How in the world have I not seen your cute blog before? How do I not know you? You follow most of my friends blogs so maybe you know one of them? Oh, I've got to figure it out! And we are in the same town to boot! So "nice to meet you"! So glad you left a comment so I could come find you!

  2. Oh, how I love Bon Iver. :) And Tennis is pretty cute, too!