♥ OOPS! ♥

I had every intention of having my freezer paper "screen printing" tutorial up on Wednesday morning but there seems to be a delay.......

Well.....you see.....I went to do my tutorial and figured out that I left my freezer paper at set up today for our first MOPS meeting. I put the kids back in the car to run back up to the church to get it and it was locked, which meant running to the store for more paper. I got the paper and thought I would start it up after dinner. I get my camera out and the batteries are going dead.......so the battery search began. I found some batteries in a toy only to put them in and have the camera die on my once again. I then found another pair in my husbands CD player (yes we have a CD player and not an IPOD, we are behind the times) I was able to take a few pictures, but taking pictures at night is never a good idea, they are either dark, blurry, or there is a glare or massive amounts of shadows. RRR!!!

I take a few crummy pictures and start to cut out my stencil and carefully place it on the shirt to do the next step......which is to iron it on......only to remember that I brought my iron to the church as well. AHHHHHH!!!!!

........and that is how my whole day went!

So needless-to-say the tutorial will have to be postponed. I will have it up Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon by the latest.

Here is a little somthin' somthin' to put a smile on your face in the mean time.....ENJOY!


  1. Do you want me to take pictures for you at MOPS today? Of course they might be dark too. I can't wait to make my bag today. I am hoping to make the bird!

  2. Aww....thanks Angie! The tutorial pictures have to be kind of detailed and step by step, but pictures from MOPS might be kind of fun to put up. :) I hope the bags turn out okay...we will see? :) ( I like the bird too )

  3. Today is a new day! :)

    I am so excited to make the bag too!! I can't wait!

  4. Ohhh Carrie...and that's the life of a mom! The bags turned out so beautifully, nice job!