♥ my week ♥

Here are a few things we did this week:
I made a couple pillows for my couch. The pretty pillow in back was made from some fabric a friend gave to me and I got the burlap from the discount bin, because it was "damaged". I will be posting a tutorial next week on how I did the "screen print" of the deer head, it is super easy.
I think both pillows could stand a bit more "stuffing", but that will have to go on my to-do-list for next week.
We were still trying to get over our little illness this week, so what better way to keep the doctor away then by making and eating CUPCAKES!
Since we had something nutritious to eat I thought it would be a good idea to get outside for some Vitamin D, so we headed out to my dying garden.
(It has been extremely neglected this year)
I thought I would go ahead and pull up all the carrots before they died with the rest of the plants.

My lil' man did not want to do the picture thang, as you can see below, because the tops of the carrots were a bit itchy for him. He was trying to be a good sport but just couldn't take it any longer. At least not long enough to have a "photographic moment."
I was just happy to save the carrots.....they all got eaten up!
I feel like my garden was a failure this year, but I did get a lot of spinach out of it and was able to make some pico de gallo with my cilantro. So, it wasn't a total bust, I guess.
I have had my mind on other (important) things this week....can you tell.....
Yes! That is my toaster in my freezer. I don't know? That is just where I found it!
(I had to crop the photo a bunch so you couldn't see my VERY disorganized and not so super clean freezer.)
Well....those are a few snippets from my week. I hope yours was splendid too.


  1. Cute pillows! I just love the screen printing-I am so excited to try it! I will be looking for your tutorial!

    And what's up with the toaster in the freezer? ;)

  2. Your pillows are AWESOME!
    And the carrots look delicious! Your garden turned out WAY better than ours this year! (We didn't get anything! It all died!)
    Who put the toaster in the freezer? That is so funny!!!!

  3. cupcakes are one of my weaknesses!