♥ smiles ♥

Here are a few things that put a smile on my face....
I love this little 2 person picnic hamper. I would love to use this for special one on one time with my daughter Chloe as she grows through the years. It even has it's own little salt and pepper shaker.....so cute. I love the cherry print (of course).
Ohhh man....if I had to pick out a favorite shoe, this would be it. They look super comfy and SUPER CUTE! Can't afford them...so maybe I will try to make some one day (not the whole shoe, but maybe adding some bows or birds of my own?).
(mod cloth)
Isn't this little tea cup and strainer so cute. I love how the wolf is holding an umbrella for Little Red Riding Hood, and look at the strainer's handle and the cute red lid. AWWW!!!

Love this dress....well, I would wear it as a shirt. :) I love the pattern and color; and it looks comfy, which is always a plus for me. (marionkc)
These are vintage 1970s clothespins and I love the colors. My idea is to spray paint some wooden ones these colors. Wouldn't they look so cute in a jar in your laundry room. I would love to one day have a clothesline.


  1. Oh dear, I think I need that little tea cup, it is TOO much!!!

  2. This stuff is adorable! I love that tea cup, Carrie.