♥ bake it n' take it ♥

So here is another one of my infamous Walmart deals.....
After a holiday, like the 4th of July, they put a lot of there stuff on sale and I always know which isle to go to and of course I found something I just HAD TO HAVE!
I found a sheet cake and a cupcake carrier for $2.00 each and they are not just your ordinary carriers......they TRANSFORM! Check it out..... The sheet cake pan's handle comes off and is now magically your spatula *TADA*! And now for the cupcake carrier....you see that circle on the top..well...it comes off and stacks up into this cute little 3 tiered cupcake(or muffin) holder. I thought, how great for potlucks, but look how cute it looks on my cake stand.

I am not only excited because they transform into useful utensils....I am excited because I no longer have to create a dome out of tinfoil to cover my baked goods. YAY!
I also scored some cute little Melamine plates to go with my bowls for $.025! You can kind of see them in the bottom left picture. Hooray for sales!


  1. I'm excited because they're RED!!!

  2. Oh i love sales, but hate them too becaude i shouldnt spend money! thanks for posting on my giveaway!