♥ mmm...raspberries ♥

Yesterday the kids and I had the privilege of going to a friends house to pick some of their raspberries. What good times! I think raspberries have moved up to the number one slot of Carrie's favorite fruit. I love fruit! Look how beautiful....
...and fresh! There is something about eating something that God himself has directly created. I now also want my own raspberry patch (if you even call it a patch?).
I wish I would have taken more pictures though. I was in good company and it was fun to hear the kids all playing as we made our way through the "jungle", as my daughter Chloe called it.
I was even pampered with an iced coffee, with coffee ice cubes (which I will be making this weekend, for sure) and my first Zips burger! Thanks ladies. Talking about all these raspberries makes me want to go break into my stash...... XOXO!