♥ blue light special ♥

I am loving that Kmart now carries the Country Living line and Walmart, Better Homes and Gardens, just because when you have kids, they are both easy stores to get in and out of, and usually carry inexpensive items too. This apron is only $6.49 on line right now at Kmart.com. Now that is a blue light special if I have ever seen one, the reviews for it were pretty good too (Country Living usually has good quality stuff). I love the little flower embellishment on it too...too cute.
Here is a little preview of the whole Country Living Kitsch Collection....so cheap!!!
Honey...if you read this, my birthday is coming up and you could get me all these lovely things for our kitchen (just the right color and everything) for under $25.00. Just click here. :)
I'll take the cute little crochet pot holder, the kettle towel, the apple scrubby, and oh, maybe the towel sets........and OF COURSE the apron. Thanks, babe! Wouldn't I look soo cute baking and doing the dishes.....*wink-wink*


  1. Yes you would!!!! Maybe I can drop a few hints, too! ;-)

  2. P.S... I like your new banner!

  3. THX Jess! I had him sit down to tell me what he thought of my new banner....really hoping he would read this post. And he did. Lets hope he got the hint. :)