♥ touch of red ♥

Well.....here it is....touches of red added to my kitchen. I already had this cheese board so I just turned it over, put scrapbook paper on it and painted a little rooster for an added touch and to tie in the green with the red.
I already had this cookie (or bagel) jar, so I decided to paint the top red and just sanded it up a bit to dull the paint and make it look as vintage as possible.
This is a sign I made out of an old baseboard and a little red craft paint. I want to add a couple of hooks to both sides to hang dish towels or spoons on.
I bought this chair at a garage sale a while back for about $2, I was going to put it in Chloe's room but it has been down in the basement for sometime now. So I brought it up, painted it, added some paper I liked and now it will act as a step stool for the kids or a place to sit while I am making a meal.

I have to say I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. The red makes the biggest difference.....it is so much more HAPPY! The best part of it all.....I didn't spend very much. I think the only item I bought was the little tomato timer ($2), the rest was all paint and paper ($7). I don't use spray paint very often but I spray painted the little watering can and boy what a time saver. I think I will start paying the couple extra bucks for the spray paint to save me the headache of painting it with a brush. So, what do you think? Pictures always make things look so much better......I was able to cut the pile of dishes out of the shot. :)


  1. carrie-i love it! i love the bench what a great find-we definitely need to go garage saling together some time!

    i love red in kitchens:)

  2. You know how I feel about red in kitchens...sigh!