♥ time flies ♥

This past week we celebrated my little girls 4th birthday. I can't believe it! My baby is 4! Where has the time gone?

My mom came in to town to visit and spent the last couple of weeks with us and was able to help celebrate. We had an eventful week and had a lot of fun planning a fun little party. This is the first time I have ever attempted to invite more than one little friend to the kids birthday, so I felt like I had to prepare a little harder and plan a few more fun things to do.

I got started making a guest list and picked a "theme".....
We went with Strawberry Shortcake....or all things Strawberry! I couldn't believe it but we managed to find some things with "classic" Strawberry Shortcake on them. YAY!
Then, of course, you have to have some snacks or treats...
Strawberry Lemonade
Chocolate dipped strawberry marshmallows
Strawberry shortcakes (the kids made their own)
Sparkle strawberries (they were supposed to be dipped in white chocolate and then sparklized, but I had some issues with the chocolate so we just had strawberries with pink sugar sprinkled on them. Hahaha.)
Lots of strawberries and lots of sweets!
Next on the agenda was coming up with some games and some thank you treats to send home with the kiddos. I bought little seed starter pots with hopes to put a packet of Strawberry seeds in them along with some other goodies....only to be shot down by the lady at the store who told me you can only buy strawberry plants! Is this true?? The plant has to start from somewhere right?? I am obviously a novice gardener.
For games the kids played pin the missing jewel on Strawberry Shortcake's tiara and the strawberry bean bags I made were for a bean bag toss game (go figure).

A friend of mine gave me some tissue paper to try my hand at tissue paper pom poms and I have to say that they are not as easy as one might think.You have to fluff the pom pom......but not too much or else you get a crinkled disaster!! They are worth the trouble though, even if they don't look that great they add a lot to the decor.

We had planned on 9 other kids (this includes 3 toddlers) coming in addition to my two, but unfortunately some sort of bug hit our area and only one other little girl made it and our little nephew. This worked out fine because our teeny house was filled to the brim with family too.

All in all I think the birthday girl had a good time and in the end that is what matters.

I am not much of a host or a party planner for that matter, but it was fun getting creative with it all. I am just a little nervous thinking that I have to do this twice a year now.


  1. Wow! Everything looks beautiful (and delicious)!! And happy late birthday to Chloe! :)

  2. You were a great birthday planner/decorating ~ in fact I think you and Amy H. need to just do Alexa's party for me! LOL ♥ Alexa said she had a great time and you make the BEST strawberry lemonade! :)