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We are back from our lil' journey over to beautiful Montana. What a great trip. Who can go on a trip with your in-laws and your husbands baby brother (age 19), to go visit extended family.....(all without your husband) and have a wonderful time??? Not many....so I have to say, once again, that I am super blessed. It was such a great trip. My in-laws rented a roomy suburban with a T.V. so the kids could watch movies a long the way, while their mother took all this in......It was this and much, much more! It was an overcast day so not all the pictures turned out well..

Before we left we went to visit my husband's Aunt and Uncle who live on a farm right off the lake and that is where I experienced this......
It was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time. We walked into a gate and this beautiful horse comes galloping towards us through the forest. It was kind of surreal.
Both kids got to sit on her, which they enjoyed, as you can see from that huge smile on Caleb's face. They train horses and the things that my Aunt Peggy showed us were amazing! That horse did everything! It would pick stuff up for her, count out it's age, smile, hug, shake, lay down.....even cover up with a blanket (you name it). It was amazing!
(I don't know if you can tell, but through those trees behind them is a beautiful lake)

They have a sweet little week year old calf. Isn't it sweet?
and chickens......
Chloe loved the chickens....she didn't want to leave the pen.
Oh.....and I must mention. The best Cherries EVER! They were HUGE and delicious.

My Aunt Janet took me to the cutest little shop where this lady does the coolest things with bits and pieces of things, like these chairs she turned into a swing. I loved it!

It was a great trip and great company! What a great way to spend my birthday. I just wish my wonderful husband could have gone with is, but that's okay I am off to spend a wonderful weekend with him now.

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