♥ dish soap anyone? ♥

I have always disliked keeping the dish soap on the counter in it's generic plastic bottle, but it always ended up there. I went to my SIL's house the other day and she had her dish soap in a cool looking wine bottle with a stopper on the top, so my wheels started turning. I came across this idea on another blog a couple weeks later....... AND I just so happened to have a cruet that wasn't getting much use.......until now....
Isn't it kinda cute? I think next time I will try to get some dish soap that doesn't look so radioactive, but I love this idea. It was perfect timing too because my dishwasher had just bit the dust (it is fixed now thanks to my wonderful handy-man husband). It was kinda fun pouring it on the dishes like syrup (I know....I am sadly, easily amused).
(I can't find where I found this idea, so if anyone knows please let me know, so I can give credit, where credit is due.)


  1. I love it! Sooo cute!
    I think it was pen n' paper flowers

  2. i too love to make mundane tasks (like putting soap on dishes)fun. or classy!! love it and it looks so nice by the sink.