♥ -S-E-W- exciting ♥

I love...LOVE getting stuff in the mail escpecially when it is stuff like THIS......

My mom sent me my old sewing machine (well, it WAS hers, I just took it over when I lived there). I am so excited to start using it. I have so many projects I want to start working on for my home and my Etsy shop. Can't hardly wait. I might need to take a few classes at The Top Stitch (love that place now), because I need to tighten up my sewing skills...........they are not that great....YET!!!
THEN........I got these....
right in the mail....my new glasses and you will never guess how much I got them for.........READY?..........$20.31!!! That includes the frames, lenses, AND shipping. If you wear glasses you must check out this website --->> EyeBuyDirect

They came in this little box, complete with a case, a cleaning cloth and two 50% off coupons. I must have more in different colors. :)
Such a great deal!!!
OHH!! I can't forget this......
In the box with the sewing machine was this HUGE container of Nesquik from my wonderful mother. YES....it was intended for the kids (since I deprive them and give them dreaded Hershey's syrup in their chocolate milk) BUT I grew up with this stuff and we really don't buy it because it is so much more expensive.......soo......I indulged!! YUM! My favorite thing to do is put in on my ice cream. You must try it!

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