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So....I made a couple bucks babysitting (I sound like I am 13)....so I headed to the thrift store and low and behold there it was......the shoe section. Now, I have been to many thrift stores and tend not to look at the shoe section very often because I don't often find anything worth looking for...until now that is. I had to limit my purchase to 3 pair....even though the total of all 3 pairs combined came to $6.00 (they had 50-75% discounts on certain tag colors).

Pair #1 (2.99 w/ 50% off) Pair #2 ($1.00 w/ 50% off)

Pair #3 ($3.99)

I love adding to my colorful shoe collection....especially when I'm being thrifty.
Like mother like daughter.....I found this picture in my camera taken by none other than Miss Chloe herself. :)

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  1. you are lucky to have such cute little feet :)