♥ wednesday weeklies ♥

I have been having a little fun with this blog and thought I would put it to some more use. My family and I just back from vacation & then I went and caught a bad cold on top of it, so needless-to -say my schedule has gotten a little outta whack. So....I have made myself some weekly goals and I am going to try to hold myself accountable through my wonderful new blog. Every Wednesday night (at least through the summer, depending on how things go) I will post an update on how things are coming along. My weekly goals are as follows:
  1. To do a craft WITH the kids (at least one). I used to be good about this, but things have kinda fizzled out lately. If I am going to get back in the swing of things with my creativity I would love to include the kids, plus I think creativity is very important. This will also motivate me to spend that extra one on one time with the kids.
  2. To do something for my home, and it can be anything from organizing a closet to buying some fresh flowers to put out. I am hoping this will motivate me with household projects, and being a little more creative with adding the more simple touches to my home.
  3. To continuously be in some sort of bible based study (whether it be via a book or an actual bible study). I was doing good about getting up early with my husband and before the kids to do my quiet time studying, but that also has fizzled out among the chaotic past month or two, and lets just say I have felt the difference in my attitude and motivation.

Well, there you have it.......my Wednesday weeklies. I am starting out small, with 3, in order to not overwhelm myself, because trust me, I have a laundry list of things I could work on and should set goals for, but for now....I will start with just these 3. I hope that this will not only help hold me accountable, but will motivate me, and inspire some creativity in me as well. I think I will try and have some fun with it all. ♥

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