Autumn SWEETS!

Okay...since I now have Autumn on the brain I want to make sure I embrace it fully in all its glory.  One of the things on my to-do-list is to do some baking and boy have I seen a lot of scrumptious recipes going around.   Autumn and pumpkin and spice seem to go together hand and hand, so I am trying to decide which pumpkin recipe I should try out first.

It is between these yummy looking 'Baked Pumpkin Autumn Maple Doughnuts' from 'food + words'.  The name alone gets me, it SCREAMS fall.  The only issue is the recipe calls for Autumn Maple Beer (which also sounds delish') but I am not sure that I can just find it "around town", so the search is on.
OR.........This recipe for 'Pumpkin Pie French Toast' from 'Closet Cooking'!  I am a sucker for breakfast food. I think it is because I don't get it or make it very often seeing as though I am not a morning person.  And when I say breakfast food I am not talking cereal or toast.  I am talking....bacon & eggs..... OR FRENCH TOAST! You get the picture.  This recipe right here could probably qualify as a dessert in my book.  
Pumpkin Pie French Toast

OR.....These 'Pumpkin Cookies w/Cream Cheese Frosting' from 'House of Hepworth's'.  These look simple and delicious, and they did get rave reviews.
 In all honesty these will probably be the ones I make first. So lets just say I will let you know how they turn out.   I really can't resist a cookie with icing on it. So....there you have it. Cookies it is!  

Oh, WAIT!  We can't forget about these....
Apple Pie Caramel ApplePinned ImagePinned Image

Some sort of caramel apple WILL be made. My husband loves them so they MUST be made, right!?  I am loving the idea of these mini caramel apples....they are so cute and they look way easier to eat.  
I was recently gifted an 'Apple Pie Caramel Apple' at a MOPS meeting that I attended and I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant since I am so used to the idea of caramel and/or chocolate. I couldn't rap my head around the white chocolate and cinnamon, but boy-oh-boy was I in for a big surprise. It was literally one of the best things I have eaten...NO JOKE!    It has definitely inspired me to try my own.

Here's a list of some more fall favorite SWEET treats:

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  1. Thank you for the recipes ... I love baking this time of year, too! We just tried pumpkin pancakes last week and you will LOVE them! So yummy ~ they are a bit thicker than regular pancake batter so they need to cook a bit longer .... but so worth it! Here's the recipe: