♥ Funky Junk ♥

If you can.....you must go and check out the Funky Junk show
September 4 & 5th
in the lovely Sandpoint, Idaho.
LETS GO!! If for no other reason but to go visit my friend's booth
The Best Nesst. She makes the cutest journals and cards and has some really awesome prints in right now. She will be vending there along with Wunderlux (cute stuff too!).
There's Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland,....dinosaurs.....robots.....deer.....OH MY!! She also puts wonderful scripture or quotes on each one to help inspire and encourage you or someone else. You really should check them out...they are super sweet. She does a wonderful job at creating different looks for all different types of styles and taste.
Check out her BLOG & SHOP !!!
I will be driving up to the show for sure (I'll let you know what I find). The drive up to Sandpoint is beautiful and it is a wonderful place to spend a weekend. If you go up there you must check out Pine Street Bakery.....all I have to say is, YUM!!


  1. I know a couple of "peeps" who want to tag along on your journey!

  2. These fun shows are always when I'm gone! We'll be at the FBC summer camp.....hope you have a great time!

  3. If I were there I would bring you a cherry popsicle. xo Mama