♥ hair flair ♥

Here are a few felt flowers I have been working on for my hair accessories...some may look a little better as a pin, but they turned out pretty cute....(I think). These are the first ones I have ever made, so most of them are not sell able, but that doesn't mean I can't wear them, right?I had to use what I had, for now at least, scraps of felt and buttons. I am liking the little embroidery embellishments that I am adding to them. I am also really excited because I am going to a friends craft night tonight and am going to learn how to make fabric flowers.....then I must master the BOW next!! Can't wait. ♥


  1. You are talented! I keep saying if I surround myself with creative ladies then it will rub off on me! See you tonight! ♥

  2. Since you can't sell them, you could just give them to your friends. he he... :)